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Hisham Sarwar

Chief executive officer at Infomist Services

Hisham Sarwar is Co-founder of He is Youtube Instructor and also a founder of Being
He started his journey with a regular job at a US-based company. He started his freelancing career in 2001 by providing Web designing services for clients at freelance marketplaces like Elance, Fiverr, Upwork, and Later on, he made his own company with the name Infomist.
He started his journey as a Freelance Graphic designer two decades back when this concept was completely non-existent in Pakistan. Putting his blood and soul to work, Hisham managed to build the trust of his clients and dragged more projects leading him to create employment opportunities for the jobless generation.

After marking his success on the freelancing leaderboard, Hisham Sarwar started his teaching career by serving free for national platform DigiSkills Pakistan and started teaching freelancing to young boys and girls.


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Imran Ali Dina

Youtube Instructor (GFX Mentor)

Imran Ali Dina is a Pakistani lecturer/teacher at Iqra University. Through his online channel, ‘GFX Mentor‘ he has managed to educate and teach students the power of technology and graphics to children who are willing to learn something but probably may not be able to afford expensive courses.
Imran encourages students to come and learn, it’s ‘100% free’ and there a boundless opportunities! He has further disclosed how his students have gone on to get jobs in the media industry due to the skills they have learnt via GFX Mentor’s online classes!

A program such as this with Dina teaching youths and educating young minds with useful skills, helping those who cannot afford expensive courses is uplifting news. With technological development and YouTube being a platform which provides crucial educational content, a ban would put a halt on monumental growth.